A forensic audit is an examination and evaluation of a firm’s or individual’s financial information for use as evidence in court. A forensic audit can be conducted in order to prosecute a party for fraud, embezzlement or other financial claims.

In an increasingly complex business landscape, complicated questions can arise. There is, however, a big difference between suspicion and facts. Finding the truth quickly is imperative and gathering evidence that withstands scrutiny is essential. When issues arise, you need forensic accountants who can unravel the puzzle efficiently and document the evidence appropriately, so you can move forward with the necessary information.

Nyansa’s forensic accounting and auditing professionals have the skills and experience to resolve complex issues from large corporates to individuals.

Our team’s experience covers a full range of areas, including:

  • Asset tracing, misappropriation, waste and embezzlement
  • Financial fraud, misrepresentation and financial statement fraud
  • Regulatory-related investigations
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Professional negligence
  • Business interruption/insurance coverage disputes
  • Securities and shareholder litigation
  • Background investigations/due diligence
  • Computer forensic auditing
  • Management fees and related-party transactions

Recent years have seen an increase in the number of litigation cases involving both commercial activities and personal disputes. Both are areas where specialist forensic accounting and tax knowledge is often required to support cases and enhance the prospects of a favourable outcome.


Our forensic accountants do not provide opinions on set cases, rather we report on factual data, such as financial statements, bank statements and credit statements to provide our clients with the appropriate recommendations that they need.