Having incorporated a company, Nyansa Africa can serve as your company secretary (compulsory under Ghanaian Company law). The secretary is supplementary to the Board of Directors and is to guide the Directors on all legal and regulatory aspects.



  • Filing of annual returns and obtaining certified true copies
  • Effecting all Statutory updates required in the year
  • Provision of minutes, representation letters and liaison with external auditors/external solicitors as may be required
  • Compliance Advisory Services
  • Liaison with Ghanaian management and regulatory authorities
  • Periodic update of statutory books per company per annum
  • Provision of template resolutions for meetings and other decisions of the BOD and shareholders
  • Signing of relevant documents and accounts and custody of company seal and execution on request
  • Attendance at Board and General Meetings including time spent on logistics and preparation for issuance of notices
  • Provision of local nominee director and local branch manager