Nyansa Africa takes the stress out of your visa application and assists you during the entire process. Any foreigners wishing to work in Ghana must have a work permit. Ghanaian companies are formally forbidden to hire workers who do not have the correct work permits.


We will:

  • advise you on the best visa or permit option
  • compile your application,
  • check up on the status of your application,
  • have regular communication updates,
  • and once approved, collect the result.

What we do:

Nyansa Africa assists companies to comply with immigration laws and regulations on expatriate employment in Ghana. Our immigration unit comprises specialists in this field and provides services, including, but not limited to:

  • Work and residence permits applications and renewals from Ghana Immigration Services
  • Applications for Automatic and Additional Expatriate Quota’s from Ghana Investment Promotion Centre
  • Visa on Arrival Letters
  • Visa Letter of Invitation and Okay to Board
  • Single or Multiple Re-entry Visa’s
  • Assist expatriates to obtain Visas to other African countries

Why use us:

Nyansa Africa recognizes the challenges companies face daily with immigration and expatriate work related services. We value regulation and our service is geared towards achieving compliance with minimal disruption to your business.

What can you expect from Nyansa Africa Immigration Service?

  • Immigration practitioners with over 10 years’ experience
  • Personal contact and one-on-one communication
  • All of our visa charges and fees are transparent, quoted upfront and have no hidden extras
  • You can expect prompt responses, regular updates and continuous advice
  • You will be provided with a dedicated administrator who will liaise with you every step of the way in compiling and submission

What you need:

If you are planning to move to Ghana on behalf of a company, it is the company that applies for you.

Foreigners have to provide the following documents:

  • A personal CV
  • An official police report from your home country
  • A medical report done at Ghana Immigration Service

Apart from these documents, the person or legal entity representing him/her will have to gather additional information, depending on the case the following documents will need to be provided.

  • Certificate of registration
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate to commence business
  • Regulations of the company code
  • Tax clearance certificate form
  • The GIPC registration certificate
  • The legal employment contract of the worker

In order to renew your work permit, you have to reapply at least two months before the end date.