Many organisations find it economical to have short courses in-house for groups of staff. Assessment and Workplace Based Training short courses are particularly popular with medium to large enterprises. In-house courses can be drawn from our ‘off the shelf’ training modules and developed in partnership with you to meet your organisation’s specific needs and business goals.


We can work with you to identify the specific learning needs that are linked to business goals, then design and develop flexible learning assessment strategies that meet the outcomes you specify.


Nyansa Africa offers clients access to customised management courses that are specifically designed to enhance management leadership and strategic thinking skills within the business. The in-house customisation process followed by Nyansa Africa is unique and consists of six main steps as per the figure on the right.



A Training Needs Analysis is a review of the learning and development requirements for your staff within your organisation.


It considers the skills, knowledge and behaviours that you or your staff need, and how to develop them effectively.


Nyansa Africa can assist in carrying out a Training Needs Analysis of your organisation and promote learning across the whole organisation.

A Training Needs Analysis as a process covers the following:

  • Review of current training
  • Task analysis (of new or modified system)
  • Identification of training gap
  • Statement of training requirement
  • Assessment of training options
  • Cost benefit analysis of training options