Nyansa Africa has a strong ongoing commitment to the concepts of ‘continuing professional education’ and ‘lifelong learning’.


In conjunction with our internationally experienced team of facilitators we have developed a comprehensive range of short specialist courses and are continually adding new courses to our portfolio.

These specialist courses are ideally suited for:

  • Executives needing to keep pace with employer expectations, industry changes, and global competitive dynamics
  • Individuals wanting to acquire new skills with the aim of opening up new doors and broadening their career opportunities
  • Corporations that recognise the value of on-going staff education and development in maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s constantly changing environment

Today’s workplace is continually being buffeted by major and complex influences that have, and will continue to cause dramatic change. Our specialist courses are continually reviewed to ensure they are keeping pace with these changes, reflect the real world and provide the skills employers and employees are demanding.

Nyansa Africa offers short courses in the following areas:
Leadership and Management
Personal Development
Operational Management
Finance, Audit & Risk
Human Resource Management
Sales and Marketing
All courses may be presented in-house, anywhere in Africa.


Through these management programmes we enable managers to develop and improve their skills, not only to benefit themselves, but also the organisations for which they work. As organisational success is dependent on managerial effectiveness, we have developed three levels of management programmes, which enable mangers on a middle, senior and an executive level to contribute significantly to the economic benefit of an organisation. Our development programmes include both structured informal workplace-based training as well as formal facilitation learning sessions.


The levels of our development programmes have been aligned to the leadership role and responsibility that managers have on these respective levels in the organisation. We ensure that our programmes focus on the development of interpersonal relationships and team dynamics, between the leader and the team in the organisation, for purposes of further enhancing organisational competitiveness and world class employee performance.