Better Financial Management, Better Growth
By Ashley Rix
Published on Mar 18, 2021

Having trouble reconciling your accounts?

Not enough hours in the day to balance the books? outgrown your existing bookkeeper or have they recently left? Then Nyansa Africa outsourced accounting service can provide accurate and timely reporting for any business. Focus on running your business while Nyansa Africa reconciles your accounts. Our proficient, professional and reliable business accounting team will remove the reliance on one person managing your finances.

Growing companies face a challenge: For you to stay focused on building your business, you need solid financial management with a dependable accounting function — a resource you may not have in-house.

That’s where we come in. Nyansa Africa provides start-ups and other businesses with outsourced accounting and finance solutions on a fixed-fee basis. No matter what your size or fund-raising status, we can tailor our services to fit your needs at every stage of your company’s life cycle.



Some industry players and experts in the field of business have argued that the persistent lapses in ‘documentary and record administration’ of most small business operations cause the SME sector’s inability to realise any meaningful growth. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are considered the bedrock of every economy, and in the case of Ghana — classified as a middle-income economy — forms about 90 percent of businesses operating in the country. However, despite the sector’s enormous contribution to the local economy, it has been exposed to a number of challenges — among which has often been listed lack of access to credit.

But contributing to a panel discussion at an SME business breakfast meeting, organised by First Atlantic Bank for small business operators in Kumasi, key speakers including the Ghana Manager of Invest in Africa (IIA), Mr. Samuel Essilfie Brandful, said the problems of SMEs go beyond just access to credit.

If you looking for fast reliable accounting services, please feel free to send an email to info (at) nyansa-africa (dot) com or contact us on +233 (0)30 276 8921

Give your business the resources and tools it needs to thrive in the Ghanian marketplace.

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